Holidays on the (Wilder) Ranch


Sat, 12/17/2016 - 11:00

Nothing says "holiday season" quite like a draft-horse carriage ride and a good game of dreidel. Well, perhaps nothing says "early 20th century holiday season" would be a bit more accurate. Wilder Ranch State Park's Holidays on the Ranch will transport you to simpler times when wreaths were homemade (you'll learn how), ipods weren't the only source of tunes (sing-along around the player piano, anyone?), and merriment didn't come wrapped in a bow. For more information call the Wilder Ranch Interpretive Center at 831-426-0505.

Wilder Ranch State Park. 1401 Coast Rd, Santa Cruz. 11am-3pm. Admission is free. Parking $10.

Photo provided by Richard Croft.