Berry Creek Falls

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To us, that means helping connect people to nature and each other by making it easier and more meaningful to go play outside. So we've built a one-stop outdoor recreation guide for Santa Cruz County with information about all of the best locations—the parks, beaches, bike trails and other beautiful nooks and crannies where people go to hike, ride their bikes, surf, run with their dogs and generally grok the wonder that is the Central Coast. You won’t find us outing secret spots, but you will find us going deeper than anyone else into the treasure trove of local places worth knowing about.

Woven throughout is the web’s first reader-friendly online natural history encyclopedia, because why not know the names of the birds and the trees? 

Our calendar will keep you updated about outdoor events, our green community guide will put you in touch with the many environmental organizations doing good work in Santa Cruz and our blogs will keep you informed and entertained with a unique perspective on local, regional and national news.

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