Parks n Rec

  • A remnant of coastal prairie, Arana Gulch has wild grasses galore. Photo by Garrett McAuliffe.

    Arana Gulch

    Remnant of an ancient ecosystem in the middle of town.

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  • A premium campsite at New Brighton State Beach. Photo by Hilltromper.

    New Brighton SB

    Million-dollar views from a campground overlooking the bay.

  • Sometimes blowy, never crowded—that's the beauty of Scott Creek. Photo by Josh Hallett.

    Scott Creek

    Free parking, no people and a pretty consistent right.

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  • Surrounded by eucalyptus and oak, Schwan Lagoon is home to egrets, cormorants and a host of other birds. Eric Ressler photo.

    Schwan Lake

    A hidden sanctuary for birders and dog lovers.