Land Trust of Santa Cruz County

Conserving Land Since 1978 The group that got its start protecting Antonelli Pond is making its mark on some of the region’s highest-profile conservation projects—including a mountain lion crossing on Highway 17, opening Watsonville Slough Farm, and public access at San Vicente Redwoods.

A Conversation with Santa Cruz Conservationist Bryan Largay

Bryan Largay at Watsonville Slough Farm, one of the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County's agricultural properties. Credit: Emily Repech

Bryan Largay, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s conservation director, has overseen land stewardship for the organization since 2012. He talks about his work, serving the environmental community, and future issues.

The Great Land & Trail Campaign

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County wants to build 45 miles of trail in the next five years. Paul Zaretsky photo.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s biggest fundraising campaign ever aims to raise $43 million to protect farmland and wildlife and build new trails.

Land Trust Honors Scientists

Hikers enjoy the scenery on a Star Creek Ranch Adventure day. Hilltromper photo.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County awards Conservationist of the Year honors to Dr. Jodi McGraw and Dr. Chris Wilmers for their work on the Highway 17 wildlife crossing and other conservation projects.

Sempervirens Fund

Castle Rock State Park, designated in 1968, forms a vital piece of the Great Park envisioned by Sempervirens Fund. Photo by Phillippe Cohen.

The Folks Who Brought You Big Basin Specialists in preserving Santa Cruz Mountains redwoods, Sempervirens Fund is reassembling a Great Park from Silicon Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Join the effort now!

Graywater Clarified

A diverter near the washing machine allows you to send used water from "laundry to landscape"—a wise conservation trend.

Graywater is one of the wisest strategies for maximizing water conservation.

Greg King: History of Redwoods

In 1987, Greg King spent a week in a tree in the All Species Grove, one of the ancient redwood groves within Headwaters Forest. King said, “Those spiky branches almost killed me when I careened toward them on the traverse at 20 mph, only the ascent at the other side of the ride slowing and therefore saving me." Photo courtesy Greg King.

The activist who led the struggle against Maxxam, the Fortune 500 company bent on clearcutting the Headwaters Forest in the late 1990s, reads from his forthcoming book 'The Ghost Forest.'

Cemex Nat'l Monument Plans On Ice

No one's trying to turn the Cemex property into a national monument. Yet. Photo by William Matthias.

Amid timber partner's fears over changes wrought by national monument status, Cemex backers shelve designation plan.

A Forester for The Trees

Nadia Hamey with one of the old redwoods on the Cemex property. "They have a will to live," she says. Photo by Clark Tate.

Think commercial loggers can't be environmentalists? Meet Nadia Hamey.