Manresa State Beach

Sundown sets of nature's fireworks at Manresa State Beach. Photo by Dg251273, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Miles of empty beach in either direction.

Arana Gulch

A remnant of coastal prairie, Arana Gulch has wild grasses galore. Photo by Garrett McAuliffe.

Remnant of an ancient ecosystem in the middle of town.

Antonelli Pond

A path branches off from the main trail, opening up to a sweet view of Antonelli Pond on the Santa Cruz Westside.

Floatable, fishable, walkable, dog-friendly Westside fun.

Adventure in The Bamboo Forest

Waterfalls and a pond await at Bamboo Giant, 38 acres of landscaped bamboo nursery on Freedom Boulevard. Bamboo Giant photo.

A trip to kid-friendly, dog-friendly Bamboo Giant in South Santa Cruz County.

Dog And Pony Show

What will the People say they want allowed at Cemex? Only time will tell.

Early results from Cemex access surveys suggest dogs and horses could become points of contention.

One Small Beach, Off-Leash Full-Time?

Rocko and Moose (not their actual names) at Corcoran Lagoon Beach, site of a proposed dog beach. Hilltromper photo.

Now this is a proposal that makes sense.

Schwan Lake

Surrounded by eucalyptus and oak, Schwan Lagoon is home to egrets, cormorants and a host of other birds. Eric Ressler photo.

A hidden sanctuary for birders and dog lovers.

The Emma McCrary Trail Rocks

Mountain biker on Emma McCrary Trail in Pogonip in Santa Cruz, California. Hilltromper photo.

It sweeps and swoops along the hillside above Highway 9 and the river for 1.5 miles, and it's probably going to make you feel happy when you go there.

The Pogonip

Lookout Trail skirts a meadow in the upper part of Pogonip. Photo credit: Gwyn Fisher.

The call of the wild inside city limits.

Forest of Nisene Marks

Easy trails in Nisene Marks wend among some old-growth redwoods. Photo credit: Leor Pantilat.

Thirty miles of redwood-shaded trails.