Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History logo.Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History. Located above Seabright Beach, the Museum highlights the region’s diverse plant, animal, and human communities from the shoreline of Monterey Bay to the summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Retracing the Portolá Expedition's 'Discovery' of SF Bay

View of San Andreas Lake and San Francisco Bay from the Portolá "Discovery" site on Sweeney Ridge, GGNRA. Credit: Samuel Herzberg

The Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail will run the length of San Mateo County and include Indigenous representation, which some tribal leaders feel is an afterthought.

Castro Adobe Receives Grant

Santa Cruz County's only two-story adobe house.

The Adobe has just received a generous $100k grant! What are they gonna do next?

Hiking Through Quicksilver and ‘The Legend of New Almaden’

The remains of the April Tunnel Trestle.

This story begins with a mysterious mural—153 square feet of bizarre suffering and eerie salvation. From the upper left corner, a demon with legs like coiled springs descends upon men in loincloths.