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San Vicente Redwoods

Finished trail with oak regrowth and cleared hazard trees. Brian Homberger for Land Trust Santa Cruz County

Trails and Future Trails in Resilient Redwood Forest

Visit the Newest Trails in Santa Cruz at San Vicente Redwoods!

Vista Point at San Vicente Redwoods, photo copyright Mike Kahn.

The Kindness of Other Creatures

Miller in his element: entertaining a crowd of young ladies. Photo courtesy Lindsay Overton.

Can a horse sense human pain? In the case of Miller, one of the equine citizens of Henry Cowell State Park, it seems the answer is yes.

Pescadero Creek County Park: Brook Trail Loop

Redwoods on the Brook Trail. Pescadero Creek does "misty forest" very well.

A satisfying half-day hike featuring long valley views, skyscraping redwoods and a delightful mini-gorge complete with a waterfall built to scale.

San Vicente Redwoods Access Plan: Round 1

The Land Trust is accepting comments on the draft SVR access plan through Oct 10. Email Map courtesy Land Trust of Santa Cruz County.

The first draft of the San Vicente Redwoods access plan is out, with good news for mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians—and a lot fewer dogs in its future than you might think.

Horse Sense for Mountain Bikers

The forward position of this horse's ears indicate that it's alert but not freaked out. Hilltromper photo.

Horses spook. That's the first thing a mountain biker needs to know. This blog post from Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers tells a lot about the rest.

Dog And Pony Show

What will the People say they want allowed at Cemex? Only time will tell.

Early results from Cemex access surveys suggest dogs and horses could become points of contention.

Berry Creek Falls from Waddell Beach

The lower half of the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail—basically a fire road between Waddell Beach and Berry Creek Falls — follows West Waddell Creek. Hilltromper photo.

12 miles RT; 600 ft elevation gain; 4-5 hours; moderate to strenuous
Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail from Waddell Beach to Berry Creek Falls Trail in Big Basin

Quail Hollow Ranch

Quail Hollow hikers entering a 'forbidden area' zone. Photo by Hilltromper.

This hidden gem is a hotbed of biodiversity.

The Emma McCrary Trail Rocks

Mountain biker on Emma McCrary Trail in Pogonip in Santa Cruz, California. Hilltromper photo.

It sweeps and swoops along the hillside above Highway 9 and the river for 1.5 miles, and it's probably going to make you feel happy when you go there.