Retracing the Portolá Expedition's 'Discovery' of SF Bay

View of San Andreas Lake and San Francisco Bay from the Portolá "Discovery" site on Sweeney Ridge, GGNRA. Credit: Samuel Herzberg

The Ohlone-Portolá Heritage Trail will run the length of San Mateo County and include Indigenous representation, which some tribal leaders feel is an afterthought.

Get to Know the Amah Mutsun Land Trust

Amah Mutsun native plants nursery at Cascade Ranch, photo copyright Mike Kahn.

The Amah Mutsun Land Trust (AMLT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring and stewarding the ancestral lands of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band and adjacent Awaswas language cultural areas that span from Año Nuevo to the larger Monterey Bay area.