marbled murrelet

Student Project Aids Endangered Seabird

The presence of ravens, encouraged by crumbs, poses a threat to Big Basin's marbled murrelets. Public domain photo.

When campers and picnickers leave crumbs and food about the redwood forest, they unwittingly threaten a small but heroic seabird. A high school volunteer project helps mitigate the danger.

Murrelet Stars at Wings Over The Basin

Shy and small, the marbled murrelet lives most of its life at sea but nests in old-growth redwoods and Douglas firs.

The endangered seabird has found a friend in Big Basin.

Marbled Murrelets And The Big Basin General Plan

A marbled murrelet chick in a nest. Photo by Peter Halasz/Creative Commons.

The good news for marbled murrelet watchers is that new development in Big Basin won't happen near the old growth forest. The bad news is they still don't think it goes far enough.