marine science

Big Blue Dream

Maybe THEY will save the world ... Photo by Jasper Lyons.

O'Neill Sea Odyssey nears a major milestone: 100,000 students served.

Human Visits Raucous Beach Party

Northern Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas. Human visitors stand on a boardwalk that hovers only a few feet above seals. Photo credit to Madeleine Turner.

Cast of characters include Alpha males, handsome moms, and 'super-weaners.'

Hot Pink Pioneers

Hopkin's Rose Nudibranch, common in Southern California, is moving north with the warming currents. Photo by Rebecca Johnson.

The warm waters of El Niño are helping hot pink sea slugs return to the Northern California coastline.

Bringing Science Class to Life

The Shape of Life online video series makes cutting-edge science available to teachers for free.

Monterey Bay Aquarium co-founder Nancy Burnett turns her groundbreaking PBS series into a classroom tool.

Is Monterey Bay Radioactive?

This image is being shared widely as evidence that dangerous levels of radiation from Fukushima have arrived on the West Coast. The map actually shows wave dispersal from the tsunami that  was partly responsible for the nuclear plant's breakdown.

Two projects that should inject some sanity into the occasionally hysterical public conversation about the Fukushima nuclear disaster—and help raise our overall scientific IQ.