Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Hot Pink Pioneers

Hopkin's Rose Nudibranch, common in Southern California, is moving north with the warming currents. Photo by Rebecca Johnson.

The warm waters of El Niño are helping hot pink sea slugs return to the Northern California coastline.

Purple Sea Urchin

Purple sea urchins are found in the tidepools and kelp forests of the Pacific Coast. Photo by David Monniaux on Wikimedia Commons.

Cousin of sea stars, favorite meal of otters.

A Migration Festival for The Books

A monarch butterfly on coyote brush. Photo by Mike Baird on Flickr.

On Feb. 8, the "mini Galapagos" of Natural Bridges celebrates the butterflies, birds, whales and other creatures that sojourn through Monterey Bay.

Coyotes: Some Fish With That Rabbit?

Coyotes have long been known to fish in streams and lakes. Beaches, not so much. USFWS photo.

Researchers have found that, unlike their ancestors, modern coyotes on the Central Coast are eating seafood.

Fast Raft to Pt Lobos

Fast Raft Capt. Laurence Henry. Hilltromper photo.

... and an encounter with a pod of Risso's Dolphins.