mountain lions

How To Capture A Mountain Lion

Cajun, a Plott hound, and his two English coonhound counterparts, Sage and Randy, wait for their chance to track a mountain lion.  Brendan Bane photo.

Biology and age-old instinct make hounds the perfect tool to help researchers capture elusive mountain lions. But the practice has come under pressure since the 2012 ban on hunting with dogs.

Why Does The Puma Cross The Road?

The "McDougal mountain lion," named for property Land Trust seeks to purchase for a wildlife crossing, on Aug. 9. Pathways for Wildlife photo.

The instinct to roam is key to the mountain lion's evolutionary success. Conservationists hope a wildlife crossing under Highway 17 will make the journey less deadly for the pumas of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Video: Pumas Mating in SC Mountains

Hot feline porn underscores the need for wildlife connectivity. (Yes, that's right: we're link-baiting the word "porn" to make you read about the Land Trust's $1 million campaign to build a wildlife crossing. Got a problem with that?)

San Vicente Redwoods Access Plan: Round 1

The Land Trust is accepting comments on the draft SVR access plan through Oct 10. Email Map courtesy Land Trust of Santa Cruz County.

The first draft of the San Vicente Redwoods access plan is out, with good news for mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians—and a lot fewer dogs in its future than you might think.

Another Big Step Toward Wildlife Crossing

The big guy approves. Photo by Bas Lammers.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has optioned 280 acres on the west side of Highway 17 as part of its plans for a wildlife crossing at Laurel Curve.

Puma Crossing Clears Key Hurdle

In a key step toward building a passage for mountain lions and other wildlife beneath Highway 17, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has finalized the purchase of 10 acres on the east side of the highway near Laurel Curve.

Troubling Pa Prints

Mountain lion cubs. Genetic diversity is becoming a problem among puma populations near urban centers.

Inbred pumas in SoCal highlight a problem that worries local ecologists.

Mountain Lion Crossing

An estimated 60 mountain lions die on California highways each year. Photo by cm0riss0n/Creative Commons.

An effort to keep pumas safe on Highway 17 is underway

Pumas at PechaKucha

Veronica Yovovich explains the wide-spanning range of mountain lions.  Photo provided by Brendan Bane.

Among local historians and whale photographers, a member of the Santa Cruz Puma Project reached out to the Santa Cruz community at last Friday's PechaKucha night.

Mountain Lion

Mountain lions—also called pumas, panthers, cougars and catamounts—can weigh over 200 pounds. Photo by Tony Hisgett / Creative Commons.

The mysterious ways of the Santa Cruz Mountains' apex predator.