Natural Bridges State Beach

Six Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Westside Santa Cruz

Winding its way from Natural Bridges State Beach to the Santa Cruz Wharf, with plenty of benches providing incomparable views, West Cliff Drive is one of the prettiest streets in the world. Credit: Majken Talbot.

Romantic getaways on Monterey Bay, from Natural Bridges to West Cliff Drive to the Santa Cruz Wharf to Venus Spirits, plus some of the world’s best chocolate.

Welcome Back Monarchs Day 2015

A warm autumn sun shines on monarch butterflies overwintering at Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz. Photo by Alpha Geek on Flickr.

The monarch butterflies are back once again to overwinter at Natural Bridges State Beach, and their loyal fans have planned a party.

The Monarchs Are Back. Or Are They?

Natural Bridges State Beach will celebrate 'Welcome Back Monarch's Day' on Sunday, Oct. 12.

The burnt-orange beauties are already flitting energetically through Natural Bridges' Monarch Grove. And while i’s too early to tell just how many monarch butterflies will return to overwinter along our shores, there is reason for optimism.

Tour Through A Mess of Monarchs

The monarchs have arrived at Natural Bridges—the terminus of a 2,000-mile journey from the Rocky Mountains. Photo by Hanae Armitage.

Thousands of butterflies create a peaceful chaos at Natural Bridges.

Butterfly Down U.S.A.

Adult monarch butterflies live on nectar from a number of different kinds of flowers, but larvae need milkweed. Creative Commons photo.

March 27, 2013—Mexico's overwintering monarchs aren't the only ones struggling.