The outdoor Poet

The Outdoor Poet: Sholeh Wolpé

Brocken Inaglory/Creative Commons

After a hiatus, The Outdoor Poet returns with "How Hard is It to Write a Love Song" by Iranian-born poet Sholeh Wolpé.

The Outdoor Poet: Monika Rose

From the Gold Country poet, "Deer in The Road" and "Lizard."

The Outdoor Poet: William Minor

Two by the Monterey poet: "Snowy Egret Cove" and "Full Moon."

The Outdoor Poet: Neal Whitman

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, by Jef Poskanzer

From the Pacific Grove poet, "Ocean Gifts" and "The Sky Has No Borders."

The Outdoor Poet: James Maughn

From the Cabrillo College instructor and New Cadence Poetry Series founder, "Crescent Flower."

The Outdoor Poet: T. Mike Walker

Poems from the writer, painter, former SF cop and Cabrillo College instructor.

The Outdoor Poet: Pegatha Hughes

From 'Last Rays,' painted by Pegatha Hughes.

'Davenport,' by poet and plein-aire painter Pegatha Hughes.

The Outdoor Poet: Pam O'Shaughnessy

Giant kelp forest by Claire Fackler/NOAA.

Poems about familiar places by the Santa Cruz poet.

The Outdoor Poet: Marcia Adams

Three poems about the writer's Sierra Nevada upbringing.

The Outdoor Poet: Ira Lightman

Photo by Ian Greig/Creative Commons

In this week's Outdoor Poet, the ukulele-strumming Poetry Sleuth, a.k.a. Ira Lightman, shares two poems and a video.