The outdoor Poet

The Outdoor Poet: Claire Braz-Valentine

Rim Fire in Yosemite, viewed from Tioga Road, August 2013. Photo by King of Hearts via Wikimedia Commons.

"A Blessing for Paradise," "Walking Across The Hills Looking for The Horses" and "The Pattern of Things"

The Outdoor Poet: Katherine Hastings

Wolf House Ruins at Jack London State Historic Park. Photo by Jerrye and Roy Klotz MD/Creative Commons

Poems from the editor of the anthology 'What Redwoods Know: Poems from California State Parks.'

The Outdoor Poet: Len Anderson

Tuolumne Meadow in Yosemite. Photo by Hilltromper.

Four poems from the co-founder of Poetry Santa Cruz.

The Outdoor Poet: Beau Blue

The view from the studio at The Oak Grove. Photo courtesy the poet.

Beau Blue (aka JJ Webb) has lived and worked in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the past 30-plus years.

The Outdoor Poet: Richard Levine

Clear Lake, California. Photo by C Fang/Wikimedia Commons.

The Oakland-based poet and magazine writer muses upon a birthday in a lovely place.

The Outdoor Poet: Susan Cohen

Brown pelican photographed by Scott Bourne/Creative Commons

"You aren’t pretty/ or songful, and yet,/around your extrovert’s beak – /hints/ of a satisfied smile..." —from "Ode to A Brown Pelican"

The Outdoor Poet: Lucille Lang Day

Aerial view of gray whale and calf off the coast of California. Photo by NOAA.

From the Oakland-based poet, intimations of whale lullabies and wonder at the courtship dances of spring.

The Outdoor Poet: David Alpaugh

'The Earthworm Odyssey'

The Outdoor Poet: Robert Sward

In honor of county fair season, 'Pig Showmanship.'

The Outdoor Poet: Robert Pesich

From the Sunnyvale poet, 'Dry Grass,' 'From a dead fox in a suburban backyard' and 'Signal to Noise.'