Arana Gulch

A remnant of coastal prairie, Arana Gulch has wild grasses galore. Photo by Garrett McAuliffe.

Remnant of an ancient ecosystem in the middle of town.

West Cliff Drive

The Surf Museum at Lighthouse Point.

A 2.5-mile bike and pedestrian path skirting the cliffs.

Minimalist Running in The Pogonip

Josh Stiles of Shamma Sandals, left, and his buddy Brice running at Pogonip in minimalist sandals.

Video of Josh Stiles of Shamma Sandals running in the Pogonip wearing minimalist running sandals.

Casting Call for Running Film

It's not like there's a running film made every day.

Do you like to run? Do you sometimes hear a movie soundtrack in your head as you're bounding along the trail? The short film "Freefly Run" will be shot in Santa Cruz Feb. 23–March 4, and the producers are looking for fit male and female runners ages 18-30.

Coming Soon: Cycling Around Monterey Bay

Detail of one segment of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail out of 20 planned. From MBSST Master Plan.

Santa Cruz transportation officials have adopted a blueprint for Santa Cruz County’s 50-mile portion of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail.

Josh Stiles

When it comes to running gear, Josh Stiles believes the less interference with nature, the better. "Our feet actually work great," he says.

Josh Stiles wants you to try minimalist running.

Trail Running in Santa Cruz County

Jogging around a neighborhood or city park is fine as long as your knees hold up and you don’t get bored. But when it’s time to cushion the cartilage and vary the scenery, head for the hills.

The Pogonip

Lookout Trail skirts a meadow in the upper part of Pogonip. Photo credit: Gwyn Fisher.

The call of the wild inside city limits.

Forest of Nisene Marks

Easy trails in Nisene Marks wend among some old-growth redwoods. Photo credit: Leor Pantilat.

Thirty miles of redwood-shaded trails.

Henry Cowell

A huge redwood at Henry Cowell with burls—dense knots of wood created when the tree undergoes stress. Creative Commons photo.

The easiest way to see some of the world's biggest trees.