San Lorenzo River

Watershed Walk with Fred

One of the Valley's finest naturalists leads a May 28 walk at Henry Cowell. Make a reservation to go!

Elfin Forest Walk at Henry Cowell

Meet State Parks Environmental Scientist Tim Hyland at the Elfin Forest Walk on April 9.

The Watershed Walks series sponsored by San Lorenzo Valley Water District is taking us to some pretty fabulous places in the coming months. On April 9, they'll visit an elfin forest.

Water Supply Showcase Floats Solutions

Recycled water and temporary groundwater storage were among the attention-getting ideas at the Water Supply Showcase, hosted by the Santa Cruz Water Department.

A Water Supply for The Future

An August 2014 photo of Loch Lomond shows the "island" of Clar Innis as a peninsula after three years of drought. Hilltromper photo.

What’s being done about Santa Cruz’s water supply situation? A lot, as it turns out. Find out what possible solutions are in store at the Water Supply Showcase on Sept. 9.

2014 Coastal Cleanup Day Results

Girl Scouts San Jose pitched in to help clean up Seabright Beach at this year's Coastal Cleanup Day. Photo courtesy Save Our Shores.

Three of the five dirtiest cleanup sites were in San Lorenzo Valley. Not cool.

Poo Fighters

Getting Our Sh*t Together: Several agencies and organizations test water quality on the river. But only now are they sharing information with an eye toward cleaning up the San Lorenzo. Hilltromper photo.

Don't pooh-pooh the power of cooperation: by pooling data and resources, the agencies that test water quality on the San Lorenzo River are figuring out where pollutants are coming from—the first step toward getting rid of them.

First River Forum Divided Over Paddling

Sticky notes on a poster depicting the Estuarine Reach of the river at the March 5 San Lorenzo River Community Forum. Similar meetings follow on March 24 and May 12.

The outlines of a debate over the future of the San Lorenzo River started forming at Wednesday's forum, with part of the crowd prioritizing habitat improvement and others emphasizing greater human engagement through recreation and commerce.

River Paddle Day 1

Becca Moeller with her two homemade kayaks, the "Robbie Lynn" and the "Dos Lados." Hilltromper photo.

The morning after Valentine's Day, several dozen people gathered in a parking lot behind the old Royal Taj (now Maharaja) restaurant on Soquel and Riverside and lugged their canoes, kayaks and SUP boards down a grassy embankment to the edge of the San Lorenzo River.

A Most Excellent Video About Watershed Health

Kristen Kittleston, a fishery resource planner for the county, explaining why the 50-foot buffer zone around waterways is a good thing (even if it does cramp your grand plans for a place literally ON the river).

OK, it might not sound that exciting. But if you like drinking water, bathing, watering your garden and not being a a total jerk to the native fish, you'll probably find something to like about this 20-minute vid from the Coastal Watershed Council.

Food and Fun Rank High Among River Supporters

Food trucks on the levee? Maybe it could happen. Hilltromper photo.

And the winners of the straw poll survey of what folks want on the new and improved San Lorenzo River are: recreational access close to the rivermouth, food trucks and restaurants between the Water and Laurel street bridges, and interpretive signage between the Water Street Bridge and Highway 1.