Bodysurfing: Pure Connection to the Water

Ryan Masters bodysurfing Steamer Lane. Photo by Priz.

Why bodysurfing is making a comeback.

The 2014 Coldwater Classic

Shaun 'Burnsy' Burns getting some air at Steamer Lane. Mike Burns photo.

Santa Cruz surfer Shaun “Burnsy” Burns faces the world at this year's O'Neill Coldwater Classic.

Surf … Montana?

River surfer Kevin Benhart Brown says “Missoula is turning into a surf town.” Photo by Paolo Marchesi, copyright Outside Magazine.

Okay, this is weird—according to Outside Magazine my beloved former hometown has become the Surf City of the Rocky Mountain West.

O’Neill Psycho 3

TechnoButter 2 sounds like something you might get covered in at a rave. It’s not.

Women on Waves Honors Zeuf

Mel McNair at WOW in 2013.

The women's surf contest, coming to Capitola on April 12, pays tribute to the late beloved Pleasure Point surfer Zeuf Hesson.

Surfing With The Island Girl

Nina Ke'alohi Dodge schooling everybody in the lineup. Photo courtesy Nina Ke'alohi Dodge.

A surf lesson with Hawaii-born surf instructor Nina Ke'alohi Dodge gets students in touch with the power of the ocean.

Your Mavericks Weekend Guests Here

The Hotel Paradox pool makes a mighty fine place to relax after a long day of big-wave spectating.

Mavericks is on for this Friday, and it's the best winter weather Santa Cruz has seen in a long time. What does that spell? Out-of-town guests, that's what.

Mavericks Going Off

Friday could bring the biggest big-wave event in years.

Adventure Out!

Cliff Hodges is psyched to help people learn to have the kind of fun he had growing up in Santa Cruz.

New Coldwater Classic Format A Crowd Pleaser

Coldwater competitor throwing impressive tricks. Photo by Hanae Armitage

Of course it’s sick to see Kelly Slater shred the waves, but among the audience congregated at the Lane on Wednesday, the consensus was clear: It’s just as sick to uncover brand new raw talent. Maybe sicker.