Life and Death in The Intertidal Zone

A healthy purple ochre sea star (Pisaster ochraceus). Photo courtesy Monica Moritsch

As the mysterious sea star wasting syndrome shows, life ebbs and flows in the tide pools around Santa Cruz.

Purple Sea Urchin

Purple sea urchins are found in the tidepools and kelp forests of the Pacific Coast. Photo by David Monniaux on Wikimedia Commons.

Cousin of sea stars, favorite meal of otters.

10 Tips for Happy Tidepooling

A sea star gets cozy next to some sea anemones in an intertidal pool.

Because sea stars, anemones and chitons are really good at hiding.

West Cliff Drive

The Surf Museum at Lighthouse Point.

A sweet three-minute video by Michael Horn.

Natural Bridges State Beach

The last remaining "natural bridge." Photo credit: Eugene Zelenko/Creative Commons.

Possibly the ultimate Santa Cruz beach.

Greyhound Rock

Looking down on long Greyhound Rock from the Highway 1 bluffs. Photo by Finitor on flickr.

Secluded coves and tidepooling on the North Coast.