trail running

Arana Gulch

A remnant of coastal prairie, Arana Gulch has wild grasses galore. Photo by Garrett McAuliffe.

Remnant of an ancient ecosystem in the middle of town.

8 Great Trails for Rainy Day Running

Ocean vista from post-rain Wilder Ranch trails.

Don't let the rain stop you from trail running! Here are eight places around Santa Cruz you can run when it's wet outside.

Ultra-Marathon Woman

Krissy Moehl, Patagonia Trail Running Ambassador, says smiling is important. Frederik Marmsater / Patagonia

Krissy Moehl, world-conquering trail runner, on a Friday evening in Santa Cruz.

Minimalist Running in The Pogonip

Josh Stiles of Shamma Sandals, left, and his buddy Brice running at Pogonip in minimalist sandals.

Video of Josh Stiles of Shamma Sandals running in the Pogonip wearing minimalist running sandals.

Trail Running in Santa Cruz County

Jogging around a neighborhood or city park is fine as long as your knees hold up and you don’t get bored. But when it’s time to cushion the cartilage and vary the scenery, head for the hills.

Merrell Connect

This line of lightweight shoes can turn any trail into 'Nature's Gym.'