Waddell Creek

Remembering Scott Peden

Scott Peden leading a nature walk at Rancho del Oso.

Like a gentle modern mountain man, the longtime docent delighted many with his knowledge of nature and his enthusiasm for Waddell Creek and Big Basin.

Rain Sorcery: A Wyrd Hike with Newts

On a witchy, late November morning, I set out in a steady rainstorm from Waddell Beach. My plan was to hike to the waterfalls—Berry Creek, Silver and Golden—in Big Basin Redwoods State Park and witness the season’s first heavy rain roar through the trio of cataracts.

Waddell Creek Wildflower Hike

Indian paintbrush at Rancho del Oso in Big Basin State Park. Hilltromper photo.

April 23, 2013—When we asked wildflower photographer, musician and wild man Al Frisby where he’d go to see the blooming sights, Waddell Creek was the first place he mentioned. Since Frisby teaches photography and leads wildflower tours in the spring, we listened. A.k.a.