West Cliff Drive

The Surf Museum at Lighthouse Point.

A 2.5-mile bike and pedestrian path skirting the cliffs.

Antonelli Pond

A path branches off from the main trail, opening up to a sweet view of Antonelli Pond on the Santa Cruz Westside.

Floatable, fishable, walkable, dog-friendly Westside fun.

Coming Soon: Cycling Around Monterey Bay

Detail of one segment of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail out of 20 planned. From MBSST Master Plan.

Santa Cruz transportation officials have adopted a blueprint for Santa Cruz County’s 50-mile portion of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail.

Schwan Lake

Surrounded by eucalyptus and oak, Schwan Lagoon is home to egrets, cormorants and a host of other birds. Eric Ressler photo.

A hidden sanctuary for birders and dog lovers.