Science Spotlight: Why Do Humpbacks Breach?

Scientists are unsure what drives humpback whales' exuberant displays.  NOAA photo.

More than 40 feet long and weighing up to 40 tons, adult humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) are formidable giants. But their immensity doesn’t hinder their athleticism.

The Summer of Crazy

Humpback whales are crowding close to shore this summer in search of food.  Photo courtesy Surfrider Foundation/Amber Jones.

Whales. Dead fish. Green beaches. WTF, Monterey Bay?

Reasons to Be An 'On The Spot' Docent

Watching this could be your job. Photo by Zoran Kovacevik on Creative Commons.

No. 1: Whale-watching will be part of your job.

The Save The Whales App

A container ship passes close to a whale. NOAA photo.

The new Spotter Pro app turns iPhones into instruments of cetacean protection.

Update: Migration Festival Moving Indoors

It's all but certain to rain tomorrow, but that won't stop the party at Natural Bridges.

A Migration Festival for The Books

A monarch butterfly on coyote brush. Photo by Mike Baird on Flickr.

On Feb. 8, the "mini Galapagos" of Natural Bridges celebrates the butterflies, birds, whales and other creatures that sojourn through Monterey Bay.

Whale Soup

Juvenile humpback whale breaching. Photo by Hanae Armitage.

It’s an ocean-wide game of follow the leader, and the anchovies are #1.

O'Neill Yacht Charters Hooks Hilltrompers

Our entertainer on the O'Neill Yacht Charter, Mr. Al Frisby. Photo by Michael Roberts.

A Wednesday evening cruise on the O'Neill catamaran is just what the doctor ordered.

The Anchovy vs. The Whale

Anchovies in a bait ball. Photo by Cliff/Wikimedia Commons.

What's drawing hundreds of humpbacks to Monterey Bay? Just a little fish.

NRDC: Noisy Oceans Harming Wildlife

A minke whale enjoys some frickin peace and quiet. Photo by Marc Fueg/Creative Commons.

You know that feeling of frustration when you can’t talk to your buddy at a really loud bar? Imagine that clamor following you around, disrupting everyday conversations and fundamentally altering daily communication.