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Land Trust of Santa Cruz County

Conserving Land Since 1978 The group that got its start protecting Antonelli Pond is making its mark on some of the region’s highest-profile conservation projects—including a mountain lion crossing on Highway 17, opening Watsonville Slough Farm, and public access at San Vicente Redwoods.

Six Reasons We Can't Wait to Vote Yes on Measure D

Photo by Richard Masoner

Why Hilltromper is supporting Measure D, the transportation ballot measure for Santa Cruz County.

Donations Doubled for Wildlife Crossing

A male puma pictured near Highway 17 in August 2014. Pathways for Wildlife photo.

Donate $100 to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County's Wildlife Crossing campaign and help a mountain lion find a mate who isn't his cousin.

The Great Land & Trail Campaign

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County wants to build 45 miles of trail in the next five years. Paul Zaretsky photo.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s biggest fundraising campaign ever aims to raise $43 million to protect farmland and wildlife and build new trails.

They Did It!

Laurel Curve will soon see traffic of another variety. Land Trust photo.

With a $1 million fundraising goal 85 percent met, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has moved to fulfill a key condition of Caltrans' plan to construct a wildlife crossing under Highway 17.

Why Does The Puma Cross The Road?

The "McDougal mountain lion," named for property Land Trust seeks to purchase for a wildlife crossing, on Aug. 9. Pathways for Wildlife photo.

The instinct to roam is key to the mountain lion's evolutionary success. Conservationists hope a wildlife crossing under Highway 17 will make the journey less deadly for the pumas of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Wildlife Crossings: Good for Deer, Too

Wildlife cam image of a black-tailed deer crossing safely under a  highway courtesy Road Ecology Center.

The number of deer killed on California highways has doubled in the last year. Looks like mountain lions aren't the only animals that stand to benefit from wildlife bridges and underpasses.

Land Trust Honors Scientists

Hikers enjoy the scenery on a Star Creek Ranch Adventure day. Hilltromper photo.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County awards Conservationist of the Year honors to Dr. Jodi McGraw and Dr. Chris Wilmers for their work on the Highway 17 wildlife crossing and other conservation projects.

Video: Pumas Mating in SC Mountains

Hot feline porn underscores the need for wildlife connectivity. (Yes, that's right: we're link-baiting the word "porn" to make you read about the Land Trust's $1 million campaign to build a wildlife crossing. Got a problem with that?)

Another Big Step Toward Wildlife Crossing

The big guy approves. Photo by Bas Lammers.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has optioned 280 acres on the west side of Highway 17 as part of its plans for a wildlife crossing at Laurel Curve.