Gear Philosophy

Eric's epically weathered bike. L. Clark Tate photo.

Our super-official, semi-philosophical gear review policy.

Field Tested: Boosted Board

Yes, you can bomb uphill on a Boosted.

Fast, easy, familiar electric boarding.

Field Tested: OneWheel

Clark carving.

The first self-balancing electric skateboard.

Danner Light II Hiking Boot

USA crafted awesomeness.

Rapa Nui 2

Lightweight minimalism revisited.

Sessions Lumber Jack-ette

For women who ride.

Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack

Dehydration is one way to ruin your day.

O’Neill Psycho 3

TechnoButter 2 sounds like something you might get covered in at a rave. It’s not.

Volagi Endurance Bikes

The curved tubes of Volagi's Longbow Flex design give this steel-frame Viaje an organic look.

Beauty, performance and versatility.

The Yeti SB75 at Bicycle Trip

Switch Technology is built around an eccentric cam riding on sealed bearings.

Climb fast, descend real fast, thanks to Switch Technology.