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The Outdoor Poet: Marcia Adams

Three poems about the writer's Sierra Nevada upbringing.

Rainy Day Redwood Hike

A rainy day calls for a walk under the redwoods, where the canopy shelters the trail. Nisene Marks State Park delivers. Hilltromper photo.

A perfect day at Nisene Marks.

The Return of the Beaver

A video released last week shows what may be the first beaver to set up shop on Los Gatos Creek in 150 years.

Video of a beaver living on Los Gatos Creek could be evidence of an ecological comeback.

Horse Sense for Mountain Bikers

The forward position of this horse's ears indicate that it's alert but not freaked out. Hilltromper photo.

Horses spook. That's the first thing a mountain biker needs to know. This blog post from Silicon Valley Mountain Bikers tells a lot about the rest.

The Outdoor Poet: Ira Lightman

Photo by Ian Greig/Creative Commons

In this week's Outdoor Poet, the ukulele-strumming Poetry Sleuth, a.k.a. Ira Lightman, shares two poems and a video.

A Most Excellent Video About Watershed Health

Kristen Kittleston, a fishery resource planner for the county, explaining why the 50-foot buffer zone around waterways is a good thing (even if it does cramp your grand plans for a place literally ON the river).

OK, it might not sound that exciting. But if you like drinking water, bathing, watering your garden and not being a a total jerk to the native fish, you'll probably find something to like about this 20-minute vid from the Coastal Watershed Council.

Your Mavericks Weekend Guests Here

The Hotel Paradox pool makes a mighty fine place to relax after a long day of big-wave spectating.

Mavericks is on for this Friday, and it's the best winter weather Santa Cruz has seen in a long time. What does that spell? Out-of-town guests, that's what.

Mavericks Going Off

Friday could bring the biggest big-wave event in years.

The Outdoor Poet: Adela Najarro

"The Boy" and "What to Tell A New Lover About An Old One"

Places to Go on MLK Day

Lots of wide-open sand awaits your MLK Day pleasure at Greyhound Rock. Hilltromper photo.

What to do with a wide-open day free of any and all obligations? Well, as it happens, we have a few suggestions.