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November North Coast Feast

Around 140 people, from Boston to Austin, came to Red, White and Blue Beach on a warm Saturday in November to eat a locally produced meal.

Outstanding in the Field, the traveling farm-to-table feast launched here by Jim Denevan in 1999, comes home to Santa Cruz.

Plant of The Week: Western Azalea

Western Azalea: beautiful AND good-smelling. Photo by Miguel Vieira.

Plant Western Azalea now for a gorgeously scented and showy springtime addition to any landscape. Birds and bees will be happy about this California native.

Plant of the Week: Douglas Iris

This purple Douglas Iris bloomed in the spring at Big Sur. Photo by Hilltromper.

Want to be looking at this fancy native in April? Get busy now planting lovely Iris douglasiana.

Plants at Home

Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery is open to the public every Friday.

By Neil Khosla

Romancing The Stone: A Geology Walk

Frank Perry holding a cast of a fossil sea cow bone from Scotts Valley. Photo by Jill Perry.

Paleontologist and geologist Frank Perry leads a unique field trip along the San Lorenzo River this Saturday.

"Big Blue Live": Day 3

A wild orca leaping out of the water. Photo by Kim (Flickr)

The finale to this awesome TV special.

"Big Blue Live": Day 2

Great White Shark showing off a deadly set of teeth. Photo by Travelbag Ltd (Flickr)

Can increasing biodiversity be a bad sign?

Big Blue Live: Day 1

Yes, you can see the ocean live from your living room.

Everything A River Is Supposed to Be

Heavy machinery rearranges the confluence of the Carmel River and San Clemente Creek on Aug. 7, 2015.

The demolition of the San Clemente Dam will set the Carmel River free. But the massive project serves as a reminder that when we mess with nature, the solutions carry their own great cost.

10 Reasons to Start Mountain Biking

Reason #11: getting cornered. Kevin Pritchard photo.

Reason #6: To be 7 years old again.