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Bicycling Santa Cruz: Celebrate Santa Cruz Bike Week!

Introducing ... the new Hilltromper cycling blog by Karen Kefauver!

Foraging Files: Spring Trail Snacks

Miner's lettuce grows best in shaded areas. And it's everywhere. Hilltromper photo.

What’s to eat deep in the forest on a springtime walk? Plenty.

Spring Wildflower Hikes in Santa Cruz County

Yellow mountain dandelion near Panoche Valley. Photo by Al Frisby.

Four great places to see how spring has sprung.

The Bike Fest Cometh

Catching air — fun for the participant and the audience! Photo by Karen Kefauver.

Fat tires rule at the 4th annual Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival this weekend.

Freeing My Inner Plant Geek

Inspecting the goods on a 2013 CNPS wildflower walk at Lucille's Court Meadow. Hilltromper photo.

An outing with CNPS yields rare treasures and loads o' Latin.

The 'Affordable' Tesla

Tesla charging at Cruzio. Hilltromper Photo.

We've been seeing a lot of the Tesla Model S around town—partly thanks to the fact that there are solar-powered car-charging stations right outside our coworking space at Cruzioworks (see above).

Santa Cruz's Disco Sea Lion

Cutting edge marine science—or hoax?

Just Another Saturday

A few of the many pop-up tents at the Scotts Valley Farmers Market. Hilltromper Photo.

Introducing Tromp Blog — a Hilltromper production.

Falcon Cam

UCSC wildlife biologist Glenn Stewart is experiencing the joy of parenthood.