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Surviving Yosemite

Everyone stay cool! We took regular breaks at swimming holes on the Merced River.

Two adults, four kids, one VW camper and a very crowded national park.

SC Shakespeare Rocks Season 1

Falstaff (Richard Ziman) gets suckered into another scheme by Mistress Ford (Julia Coffey, left) and Mistress Page (Greta Wohlrabe) in Santa Cruz Shakespeare's 'The Merry Wives of Windsor.' Shmuel Thaler photo.

If you were sad to see Shakespeare Santa Cruz go, you can cheer up now.

Aiming To Do Some Archery?

Intense focus is the name of the game at the archery range in DeLaveaga Park—even for 7-year-olds.

For 3 bucks, you and your family can spend an afternoon unleashing your inner Robin Hood fantasies in a Sherwood Forest right here within our own city limits.

Adventure in The Bamboo Forest

Waterfalls and a pond await at Bamboo Giant, 38 acres of landscaped bamboo nursery on Freedom Boulevard. Bamboo Giant photo.

A trip to kid-friendly, dog-friendly Bamboo Giant in South Santa Cruz County.

Younger Lagoon Excursion

Adventure pals take in the terrace-fic sights from Younger Lagoon Reserve, part of the UC Natural Reserve System..

Exploring one of the star wetlands of the Central Coast and part of the UC Natural Reserve System.

Flower Powers

The small Pacific enchanter's nightshade belongs to the family of herbs supposedly used by the sorceress Circe in 'The Odyssey.' Photo by Daniel Williford.

The late-blooming small Pacific enchanter's nightshade casts a curious spell on Blogging Naturalist Daniel Williford.

Happy Birthday Yosemite

A short, steep saunter up the Mist Trail  leads to this less-famous vantage of Half Dome. Hilltromper photo.

The nation's first park still blows our little minds.

Rings of Fire

S'mores are good. S'mores on the beach are great. Photo by Petyo Ivanov.

Fancy a fire on the beach? Where to roast your weenies near crashing waves.

Reasons to Be An 'On The Spot' Docent

Watching this could be your job. Photo by Zoran Kovacevik on Creative Commons.

No. 1: Whale-watching will be part of your job.

The Art of Raw Foraged Perfume

Wild aloe vera, an ingredient that perfumer Libby Patterson has had her eye on. She also uses non-botanical ingredients like horsehair and charcoal.

A morning in nature's apothecary with Libby Patterson as guide proves that making perfume from wild botanicals is easier than you might think.