The Blogging Naturalist

Flower Powers

The small Pacific enchanter's nightshade belongs to the family of herbs supposedly used by the sorceress Circe in 'The Odyssey.' Photo by Daniel Williford.

The late-blooming small Pacific enchanter's nightshade casts a curious spell on Blogging Naturalist Daniel Williford.

In A State of Buckeye Bliss

The beautiful bountiful blossom o' the buckeye. Daniel Williford photo.

In another installment of The Blogging Naturalist, park interpreter Daniel Williford considers the wonder of the California buckeye, now blooming its head off.

Blogging Naturalist: Morgan Dill

To her surprise, this soap plant bloom opened when author Morgan Dill touched it. Photo by Morgan Dill.

The one-night-only performance of the flowering soap plant.

Blogging Naturalist: Daniel Williford

Yellow rock-rose thrives on dry, sunny slopes from Mendocino to San Diego. Photo by Daniel Williford.

California's only native rock-rose is blooming in Henry Cowell right now. Park interpreter Daniel Williford tells us what the yellow rock-rose is and where to find it.