Randall Morgan

Say Hello to the Norris Center

Museum, classroom, library of flora and fauna—the Norris Center fills many roles.

UCSC's Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History opens its doors Nov. 12-13 for a meet-and-greet with the community and fundraising event.

Planting A Fall Garden? Read This First.

Persimmon trees: a good source of food for local wildlife.  Photo by Geomr on Wikimedia Commons.

Santa Cruz naturalist Randall Morgan has some creative suggestions about the best plants to attract birds and insects.

Randall Morgan on The Amazing Tern

An elegant tern at the top of its dive-bomb fishing maneuver—showing how it got its name. Photo by Regular Daddy.

Among Santa Cruz's rich community of amateur and professional naturalists, Randall Morgan is beloved for his knowledge, passion and wit. As Hilltromper's unofficial Naturalist-in-Residence, he answers our questions—this week, about the beautiful seabirds called terns.