Santa Cruz Mountains

Puma Crossing Clears Key Hurdle

In a key step toward building a passage for mountain lions and other wildlife beneath Highway 17, the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has finalized the purchase of 10 acres on the east side of the highway near Laurel Curve.

UCSC Researchers Have a Mountain Lion Kitten

Mountain lion kitten known as '40F' in the arms of a researcher from the Santa Cruz Puma Project. Photo by Yiwei Wang.

The Santa Cruz Puma Project will study human impact on newborn cougars.

Garden of Eden

Your Mountain Dew moment awaits at this swimming hole a couple miles south of Felton. Photo by Molly Lautamo.

Idyllic river swimming in front of God and everyone.

Big Rock Hole

The mighty San Lorenzo River, home to several awesome swimming holes. Photo by Eric Ressler.

A sunny swimming hole on the San Lorenzo.