From Santa Cruz to Solar City

Lyndon and Peter Rive, co-founders of Solar City, back in 2002.

Lyndon Rive, co-founder of SolarCity, sees business and technology as world-changing tools.

The Economics of Solar

SolarCity, which went public in 2012, is the largest and fastest-growing solar company in the world. Photo courtesy NASDAQ.

There’s a powerful force driving growth in the solar energy industry: affordability.

Can Solar Save the World?

Solar City Chairman Elon Musk in Sun Valley Idaho, July 2015. Photo by Thomas Hawk / CC. While he's famous for supercars and rockets, his innovations in the energy marketplace may prove to be his biggest win.

Bill McKibben: “The energy revolution, instead of happening piecemeal, over decades, could take place fast enough to actually help an overheating planet.”