Coastal Watershed Council

Monitoring Watershed Health Since 1995, the Coastal Watershed Council has been on a mission to preserve our coastal watersheds through monitoring, education and stewardship, spreading the word that coastal watersheds are critical, ongoing scientific monitoring is essential, and community involvement is the key. The CWC's annual Snapshot Day, held the first Saturday in May, mobilizes "citizen-scientists" from all over the Monterey Bay region to gather water samples from each watershed that drains into Monterey Bay.

The CWC organizes volunteer-based water testing programs throughout the year where teams of volunteers help test the quality of water in creeks, streams, and wetlands that flow into the Monterey Bay.

Snapshot Day happens every May, and tests 200 watersheds draining into the Monterey Bay on over 300 miles of coastline. The CWC tests for dissolved oxygen and pH and sends water samples to laboratories to be tested for bacteria, pesticides and metals.

Learn more at the Coastal Watershed Council website.

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