Why We Love Shakespeare at De La

A Santa Cruz al fresco cultural institution deserves a great spot, and we think De Laveaga is it.

by Traci Hukill and Eric Johnson

Feb. 9, 2016—Shakespeare Santa Cruz, now Santa Cruz Shakespeare, has been an important part of Santa Cruz cultural life for decades. Among other things, it's a wonderful way to experience the outdoors.

In addition to theater under the stars, the Santa Cruz Shakespeare experience often includes the traditional pre-show picnic in the Glen or at a picnic table overlooking Monterey Bay. DeLaveaga Park is an excellent place to continue this tradition.

We've toured the proposed site of the new outdoor theater and found it lovely. Some seats will offer peeks through the eucalyptus to the Bay and across to the Santa Lucia—something you didn't get at the Glen.

DeLaveaga Park is one of the City of Santa Cruz’s great outdoor recreational resources. This is going to make more people familiar with it. There are hiking and biking trails, the world-famous disc golf course and of course the regular golf course. There's even an archery range.

It's a place that exists to serve the public’s recreational needs, and it's very centrally located and therefore easily accessible. So it makes a lot of sense to put what may be some people’s favorite summer outdoor activity there. We hope the Santa Cruz City Council approves this new location for Santa Cruz Shakespeare tonight—and we look forward to seeing our first show there this season.