Sempervirens Fund

A Forester for The Trees

Nadia Hamey with one of the old redwoods on the Cemex property. "They have a will to live," she says. Photo by Clark Tate.

Think commercial loggers can't be environmentalists? Meet Nadia Hamey.

Enviros Cheer Logging Rule Exemption

A law relaxing timber regulations in California will not include the Santa Cruz Mountains. Photo by Fir0002 / Wikimedia Commons.

A new law relaxing public oversight of timber harvest plans will not apply to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Boony Doon Gets Cemex Access Preview

The 8,500-acre site of the old Cemex cement plant and quarry was preserved in the north coast's largest land-protection deal. Photo by William Matthias.

The atmosphere was more country club social than town hall meeting last night as representatives from the Cemex Redwood partnership met with members of the Rural Bonny Doon Association to explain the ins and outs of choosing public access points.

Protected Coastal Prairie Transferred to Landless Tribe

Coastal prairie is rich in native grass species. California Native Grassland Association photo.

The partnership between the Amah Mutsun Tribe and Sempervirens Fund will keep 96 acres of coastal prairie near Costanoa Lodge under a conservation easement.

Castle Rock To Remain Open

Castle Rock State Park, once slated for closure, is getting a fresh lease on life. Photo by Tomwsulcer/Creative Commons.

A gift from the Sempervirens Fund—and the state's commitment to restitution after last summer's scandal—keep the Santa Cruz Mountain park off the 'closed' list.