Donations Doubled for Wildlife Crossing

Donate $100 to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County's Wildlife Crossing campaign and help a mountain lion find a mate who isn't his cousin.

by Hilltromper staff

Feb. 5, 2016—Male mountain lions have to roam. It's in their DNA to get away from their mothers and sisters and other female kin and find suitable mates. In modern California, that means crossing parks, neighborhoods and sometimes busy highways—and it's really dangerous. Puma romance is a deadly serious game.

But we crazy romantic fools out here can make it a little less deadly for them for the cost of a date night: about $100.

So what’s $100 worth really? Right now, thanks to the positive donation distortion field that seems to have surrounded the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s Water Street headquarters, it’s worth $200.

For a limited time you can donate $100 to the wildlife crossing under Highway 17, which will allow the pumas in the Santa Cruz Mountains to reestablish good genetic diversity and save countless animals and drivers from deadly collisions, and it will turn into $200 through the magic of the matching donation.

Donate to the Wildlife & Wildlands campaign now and make some magic, baby!

Background: the Land Trust just completed a major fundraising push toward its Great Land & Trail Campaign on Jan. 31 with $10.1 million in the piggy bank. That's halfway to their goal of $20 million by January 2017—and in just five months, due in part to a generous no-limits match by two Land Trust donors. The take-home here is that matching donations are good.

Now the donors who jump-started the Wildlife Crossing campaign for a tunnel under Highway 17 at Laurel Curve way back in 2014 are seeing the, ahem, light at the end of the tunnel, and are eager to see the crossing project reach its $6.5 million goal and get built. Right now it's at the $3.6 million mark. So those committed donors are matching—that fabulous word again—all donations of $100 toward the Wildlife & Wildlands portion of the Great Land & Trail Campaign for a limited time.

What’s $100 worth? Well, 25 cappuccinos at Verve; a night at the movies and a bite to eat afterward (as long as you don't get carried away); half of a PG&E bill; two downtown parking tickets; half a Valentine's Day fancy dinner out ... or you can donate it, have it magically doubled, and help save a critter's love life.

Donate $100 to the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County's Wildlife and Wildlands Campaign right now and have your support for wildlife connectivity and habitat in the Santa Cruz Mountains doubled.