Update: Migration Festival Moving Indoors

Feb. 7, 2014—The Migration Festival might be a little “cozy” tomorrow. With a 100 percent chance of rain in the forecast, the folks over at Natural Bridges are rearranging their plans. They'll now have awnings cover all outdoor festivities and move as many booths inside the visitor’s center as they can. The stage, food and crafts booths, seating and welcome table will be covered outside the visitor’s center, and all other organizations will be set up indoors. There've been many rainy Migration Festivals in the past, so don't count on the rain to, um, dampen spirits; the festival’s organizers are quite happy for the precipitation.

And of course you can always take a walk to the Monarch Grove under an umbrella.

Learn more about the 28th Annual Migration Festival at Natural Bridges State Beach.

Natural Bridges State Beach; 11am-4pm; free, but parking is $10.