Green Org

Green Organization Community Members

Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County

Dedicated to Regional Conservation. The present Resource Conservation District (RCD) of Santa Cruz County merged two formerly distinct districts in 1978, creating one entity that covers more than 260,000 acres of land. The RCD supports environmentally and economically sustainable programs and projects to keep our ecosystems thriving, our animal and plant species diverse, and our water supply clean and plentiful.

Santa Cruz Bird Club

Spying on Birds Since 1956. The Santa Cruz Bird Club knows the best spots for seeking out rare and remarkable winged creatures, and their weekly walks span a variety of habitats, from meadowland and sloughs to seaside cliffs and the less-tromped mountain paths of the redwood forests.

Save Our Shores

Making Waves for Ocean Awareness. Thirty years ago, a small group of citizens joined together to resist offshore oil drilling in Central Coast waters. They won, and Save Our Shores was born. Today Save Our Shores still fights to keep oil out of our oceans—only now the petroleum-based threat comes from plastics, styrofoam and other trash that imperils fish, birds and marine mammals.

Save The Frogs

Sticking Up for the Amphibians of the World. Based in Santa Cruz, Save the Frogs is the country’s first and only public charity committed to protecting the mysterious little creatures. It's a good thing somebody is doing it, since frogs are the most endangered group of animals on the planet.

Save The Waves Coalition

Preserving the World's Surf Breaks, One Wave at a Time. It may not be immediately obvious, but waves are a precious natural resource: a good surf break stimulates ocean awareness for those who surf, and also creates a unique attraction for the local economy. Alas, some of the world’s best breaks have vanished forever due to coastal development.

Save the Whales

Crusading for the World's Endangered Cetaceans. Founded in 1977, Save the Whales is dedicated to educating children and adults about the life cycle, migration patterns, and the environment of marine mammals.

Surfrider Foundation

Where Surfing Meets Politics. On a mission to protect oceans, surf breaks and beaches, the Surfrider Foundation has gotten more than just its feet wet since 1984. Over the years they've led political campaigns to resist offshore drilling, stop seismic surveys that harm marine life and urged Congress not to cut funding for water quality monitoring on beaches nationwide.

Ventana Wilderness Alliance

Caring for The Ventana Wilderness It’s no mystery why visitors travel from all over the globe to enjoy the views in Big Sur and the Santa Lucia Range. The jagged coastline, steep mountains and breathtaking scale have the power to inspire awestruck wonder.

Ventana Wildlife Society

Rehabilitating the Wild Critters of Big Sur. Condors, with their incredible 9-foot wingspans, were all but extinct by 1987, their decline largely due to electric power lines, lead poisoning from eating the bullet casings found in unclaimed game birds, and habitat loss. The Ventana Wildlife Society is the organization responsible for bringing them back.