Rail Trail

Six Reasons We Can't Wait to Vote Yes on Measure D

Photo by Richard Masoner

Why Hilltromper is supporting Measure D, the transportation ballot measure for Santa Cruz County.

Bud Colligan: Trail-Only The Way to Go

Rendering of bike and pedestrian trail on portion of corridor near 41st Avenue. Image courtesy Bud Colligan.

In a guest commentary, the Santa Cruz-based venture capitalist explains why he thinks the Rail Trail should just be the Trail.

Trail Nix?

Rail Trail corridor between Bay and the Wharf in Santa Cruz.

Rail Trail opponents want to scrap the future option for a train in Santa Cruz County. But Trail Now's efforts could stymie their beloved trail too.

The Great Land & Trail Campaign

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County wants to build 45 miles of trail in the next five years. Paul Zaretsky photo.

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s biggest fundraising campaign ever aims to raise $43 million to protect farmland and wildlife and build new trails.

Light(rail) Speed Ahead

Having trouble picturing it? This helps. Image courtesy Friends of the Rail & Trail.

The Coastal Rail Trail will allow biking, walking and wheelchair access from one end of Santa Cruz County to the other—and forever change local transportation.

Lions And TIGER Affairs, Oh My!

Think federal grants can't be sexy? The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County knows they can.

Good News for Coastal Rail Trail

These West Cliff Drive riders will be able to pedal all the way to Coast Dairies soon (hopefully). Photo by Richard Masoner/CC.

Want to ride your bike from Santa Cruz to Four-Mile Beach without the sheer terror of negotiating Highway 1? Well, get ready. A 4.6-mile segment of the proposed Coastal Rail Trail is now a finalist for federal funding.

Coming Soon: Cycling Around Monterey Bay

Detail of one segment of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail out of 20 planned. From MBSST Master Plan.

Santa Cruz transportation officials have adopted a blueprint for Santa Cruz County’s 50-mile portion of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail.