The Outdoor Poet: James Maughn

Crescent Flower

Once the wing is planted the bird’s a seed
wind won’t carry

flight a matter of how roots push the body

here little husk here little pupa

a silhouette
for your cell wall imago thrust along the stalk

soon the bone will run dry
the well regurgitate its bellyache of coins

runs the flagpole
out furls the diaphanous marginalia flutter
little cilia
seek the edges of the slide

the wing is a mile marker the feather a scale
without an inch

to give
weigh the balance against the grassblade

that sinks up through the iris

About The Writer James Maughn started A New Cadence Poetry Series in 2009. He teaches at Cabrillo College and is a practitioner of karate.

The Outdoor Poet is edited by Robert Sward, author of numerous books of poetry including, most recently, New and Selected Poems: 1957-2011 (Red Hen Press). He lives on the Westside with his wife, the artist Gloria Alford, and a poodle mix named Cosette. Participation in The Outdoor Poet is by invitation.

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