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The One-Page Backpacker's Guide

You don't need a $400 two-pound tent like Carl's to be warm and comfy in the backcountry. Carl Uebelhart photo.

Our backpacking oracle spills the beans on what you really need to tromp the backcountry.

The Outdoor Poet: Pam O'Shaughnessy

Giant kelp forest by Claire Fackler/NOAA.

Poems about familiar places by the Santa Cruz poet.

So Long, Buz

Buz Bezore and Kelly Luker in a 2009 15th anniversary photo shoot for Metro Santa Cruz. Photo by Dina Scoppettone.

What does the passing of an alternative journalism legend have to do with Hilltromper? Nothing. Except that Hilltromper wouldn’t exist without him.

Minimalist Running in The Pogonip

Josh Stiles of Shamma Sandals, left, and his buddy Brice running at Pogonip in minimalist sandals.

Video of Josh Stiles of Shamma Sandals running in the Pogonip wearing minimalist running sandals.

Deal of The Day: Wilderness Survival Class

Quest for Fire: Adventure Out is offering its Wilderness Survival Clinic for $75 on March 8—a $50 savings.

Who hasn't wondered what would happen if you got lost—really lost—in the woods? This weekend only take $50 off Adventure Out's Wilderness Survival Class and learn how to survive like our ancestors did.

The Best Places to Celebrate Daylight Savings

Soak it up—starting this Sunday the sun sets an hour later. Photo by J.L.F. Hu.

The top 5 places to hike, bike, beach and celebrate longer days in Santa Cruz.

Unbelievable GoPro Footage

A Tasmanian man taught this orphaned pelican to fly. And that's not the most incredible video in this blogpost.

The latest GoPro video to go viral briefly tells the story of a young pelican that is orphaned in the Mahale Mountains of Tanzania, then taught how to fly by its human rescuers—who then affix a Hero3+ to the bird's beak so it can grab some footage of its first flights.

Good Bye to a Waterman

Don Wobber had a lifelong love affair with the Pacific Ocean.

Don Wobber—diver, artist and scientist—passed at his Pacific Grove home on Jan. 21.

Top 5 Rainy Season Hikes

A banana slug inches down a tree trunk in Nisene Marks State Park. Hilltromper photo.

The best places in Santa Cruz County to go hiking in wet weather.

Winner: SC Banff Film Fest Tickets

Erik Erikson -- step right up!

We picked our winner using the old-school method documented in the photo above. Thanks to Marianne Lawlor of Cruzioworks for doing the honors.